Meet the Artist - Cori

Originally from the coast of North Carolina, Cori grew up surfing, playing volleyball, exploring the woods & uninhabited intracoastal islands.


In 2012, she was in a life-altering accident while living in NYC. Given her adventurous nature and a two year recovery ahead of her, she was desperate for a creative outlet.  Jewelry making became her art therapy.  Since then, her self-taught art is an integral part of what drives her spirit.


She began copper electro-forming in 2015 and transitioned to silversmithing in 2016.  Cori carefully handpicks the majority of stones and shells, insuring the best quality.


“The ocean and mountains are my muse and sanctuary. It’s where I’m grounded, inspired, healed, and love to adventure.  I value motherhood, friendships, my connection to nature, and alway strive to deepen my self-awareness. I’m grateful to be doing what I love and using my time creatively.  I hope people feel empowered wearing my jewelry, while still remembering their self-worth isn’t based on outer appearances.”