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Meet the artist- Cori Ketchum

     Originally from the coast of North Carolina, I grew up surfing, playing volleyball, climbing magnolia trees, building forts in the woods and exploring uninhabited intracoastal islands in the summer. Since I was a young girl, I loved collecting shells and jars of fossilized shark teeth.  I became fascinated with gemstones when I took my first trip to a flume mine in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I got to sift through a bucket, unearth and identify the stones, then watch them transform from raw to polished.  On that trip, I went on my first hike and became enamored with the mountains, streams, and waterfalls.
     I started jewelry making as a form of art therapy, after a life altering accident requiring reconstructive foot surgery, while living in NYC.  Given my active lifestyle and a two year recovery ahead of me, I was desperate for a creative outlet. This journey led me to discover my creative path and a new passion for life. In 2015, I began copper electro-forming and transitioned to silversmithing in 2016.   
     I work from my home studio with my son Zari and dog Indy by my side.  I'm inspired daily by the magic of mother earth and my connection to her.  I soak up the beauty that surrounds me while hiking, surfing, and diving, and take that inspiration to my work bench.  The stones I mostly work with mimic the alluring blues and greens of the ocean.  The waves, sea life, native plants and grounding landscape are forever my muse.
     I hope my creations evoke adventure, inspiration, healing, inner strength and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding you.

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